Inspiration is everything !

In my room, on a rainy evening

It’s rainy evening of august, time is 7 and I am in my room with windows and door closed. It’s first month on campus. Life is very interesting with new environment, new friends, new aims and a little bit of interaction(this is what we call ragging, in here). Even though I joined college few weeks ago, I have already started bunking classes(Bitsians). Now, I am feeling bored and even homesick, coz this is my first experience with hostels. I don’t have any important work except eating and sleeping. I am refreshing my news-feed and adding everyone from BITS with mutual friend count more than 5. But in background I am thinking about home, myself, what I should do. Time is 8:30 and my threshold value of mutual friend count raised to 10 as some people added me back. I am refreshing news-feed, adding people and I am feeling sleepy. At last, a screen I wanted to see “Blocked from sending friend requests“(although crossed many obstacles like “are you sure you want to add….. 😛 “) .

The next thing I remembered is someone banging on my door(I slept in chair and now time is 9:30 and I missed supper). I am feeling hungry and I didn’t make any close friends till now who know my room no. and can bang  it. Maybe it’s warden(wtf, is there anything like checking rooms?). Maybe it’s parents(least probability, though). I am about to open the door and a voice came, saying loudly “Sorry“. I don’t
know who it is and I don’t want to know. I made my way to bed and I slept. I woke up at 12:30, I am thirsty, hungry and my water
bottle is empty. I, somehow managed to get water from my neighbour and settled myself in my room with closed window and door as usual. I am not sleepy any more and some 45 people added me back plus I got 4 add friend requests. I am refreshing and saw some thing interesting! Now it’s time to talk about this post’s heading ( 😛 ) .

I saw some random guy (from BITS, in a BITSian group) asking a doubt regarding RC plane controller, where to buy, how to control. Followed by comments saying

  • beta, just go and study
  • i can help you, inbox me
  • dude, you started working on that?

and a lot more(some even with useful links). There are many comments starting with beta and I assumed him as first yearite. I was thinking like, even first yearites are working on projects from first month and I am just eating and sleeping. I thought maybe he has a lot of knowledge in those things and I started refreshing. But in background I can’t tolerate the fact he is first yearite and working on projects. So, I followed all the links in the comments and learned a lot about those things by 3 O’clock. I am very much inspired by all the videos on YouTube and the matter in links provided.

A first yearite is working on projects, why can’t I?

I tried to message the guy who has posted that question, but he is offline then. I started viewing the required electronic parts to build it and I ordered parts which costs around 6K INR(even now, I don’t know how I managed to order them without taking permission from my mom). I started chatting with some guys who commented on that post. They said that this equipment is costly and buy them only if you are planning to participate in any TECH fests. But, I have already ordered them, So, it’s time to search any TECH fests around here in a month or two. I found NIT warangal’s Technozion and I wanted to participate in it. I am a bit nervous till now coz, I didn’t consult my mom before ordering, but now there is a solid reason.   I am going to participate in TECH Fest. 😀

It’s 6 O’clock in the morning and that guy who asked the question is online. I started chatting with him, about his project and after a long chat I enquired his room no. just to meet him in person. The answer from him gave me a shock. He is from shankar Bhavan which is second yearites’ Bhavan. I thought he is junior as so many people called him ‘beta’. I asked him about ‘beta’ and he answered they are his seniors, third yearites. Ohh! I missed this logic………

The sole reason, I wanted to know about this project, I ordered parts is that he is a first yearite, but now he is no more a first yearite. I ordered parts worth 6k(That’s a subset of whole parts required for the project), I have a solid reason (participating in TECH Fest). So, I worked on my project. (teaming up with some friends)


At Technozion, on a sunny morning

Now, I am very proud of myself. We are the only first year team participating in this RC Plane event. Not even a single team participated, consists of second yearites, all of them are third and final year guys. We stood at 7 out of 22 participated teams consisting of super seniors and more.

All Happies.

And there is a solid reason behind ‘Why I started blogging’, which I am going to reveal in my next posts.

After all, Inspiration is everything!

I am really feeling sleepy.

Bye for now.




Hello Universe!

Hello all!

Very much excited on getting a blog for me. This post is just to know how wordpress works.

As I said, in ‘About Me’, I am very much interested in topics like Robotics, AI, Embedded Electronics…etc . In this blog, I am going to open myself, both Technically and Psychologically.

I worked on electronic projects like Rc Planes, QuadCopters, Autonomous obstacle Avoider(land vehicle), about which I am going to share my knowledge(or experience, whatever it may be) in this blog.


As compres are about to start, I am jobless(most of Bitsians are) and just browsing something, which I forgot now. And then an idea struck my head, Why don’t I start a blog, and there are 2 months of holidays to make my blog as a beautiful master-piece(only if, I started blogging).

So, herewe go, my blog ‘this is ME, that is MINE‘(and don’t ask me what that means(btw, I have changed the name 😛 )).

Hope I wont bore you with my posts 🙂