What I have found?!


HaHaaa.. I received all of my summer toys from element14 for free. Yeah, you heard that right, absolutely for FREE. It’s part of roadtest by element14. This is a group dedicated to testing and reviewing new products. I submitted my idea of testing these products and they selected me. And I should agree to their conditions that I should provide them with a neat review within two months of receiving kits. Here are they:

My Toys
Got from element14. Hahaa


Briefly, an MSP430 launchpad from TI with Anaren air kit to control a robot or a robotic car with smartphones via bluetooth. Raspberry Pi with Enocean modules (self-powered sensors kit) for home automation. And my idea is switch-off computers or laptops when you leave your room.

After spending all these days lazily, it’s time to start working on these things and provide them with review helps me to spend remaining time lazily….!

Bye for now.




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