Applying to aimacode as part of GSoC’16

After spending about three weeks with aimacode, porting the code base from Python2 to Python3; implementing algorithms in python that accompany the Pseudo-code in the book—AI: A Modern Approach— and fixing bugs, I could clearly see I am addicted to aima-python. I am spending days & nights—even skipping classes—to fix some more bugs/to implement one more algorithm by coding in my room and in Library. Here are my contributions to “aima-python” till date. I think I am doing pretty well.

Two years back, when we were taught an Introductory AI course, I wasn’t aware of an official code base for our prescribed book—AI: A Modern Approach by Stuart J. Russell, Peter Norvig. If I would have known that, my learning experience would be a lot more different, lot more great.

The online course taught by Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, has got a whopping 115,000 registered for the course. And don’t get me started on the original Artificial Intelligence course by the same teachers which had got 160,000 students signed up for the course and 23,000 of them successfully completed the whole course. These both courses are in the lines of the book AI: A Modern Approach, but the official code base isn’t as popular as the accompanying courses. That’s why I decided to contribute to the project and applied for GSoC’16. I will be contributing to the codebase by fixing bugs, make the code look more like pseudo-code, implementing interactive visualizations, and python implementations, regardless of my selection for GSoC’16.

Surya Teja