Hello Universe!

Hello all!

Very much excited on getting a blog for me. This post is just to know how wordpress works.

As I said, in ‘About Me’, I am very much interested in topics like Robotics, AI, Embedded Electronics…etc . In this blog, I am going to open myself, both Technically and Psychologically.

I worked on electronic projects like Rc Planes, QuadCopters, Autonomous obstacle Avoider(land vehicle), about which I am going to share my knowledge(or experience, whatever it may be) in this blog.


As compres are about to start, I am jobless(most of Bitsians are) and just browsing something, which I forgot now. And then an idea struck my head, Why don’t I start a blog, and there are 2 months of holidays to make my blog as a beautiful master-piece(only if, I started blogging).

So, herewe go, my blog ‘this is ME, that is MINE‘(and don’t ask me what that means(btw, I have changed the name 😛 )).

Hope I wont bore you with my posts 🙂