Birthday code! (Thanking friends on facebook using GraphAPI)

I wrote this on my birthday,

import facebook

graph = facebook.GraphAPI('Access token you got from facebook developers page')
feed = graph.get_connections("suryateja.cheedella", "feed?limit=200")
for a in range (0,200):
    post = feed["data"][a]
    fromDetails = (post["from"])
    fromName = fromDetails["name"]
    graph.put_object(post["id"], "comments", message="Thank you :d " + fromName)

and then there, it thanked all my friends who wished me on my timeline.

Hello, what’s up guys,

It’s afternoon on 4th and as usually I am browsing on quora and facebook. I stumbled upon ‘what are the best python codes you have written’ question on quora. I saw some top answers which are actually thanking friends on FB on their birthday. Actually it’s the best time to learn or just copy&paste all of that code so, I can make my thanking task easy for tomorrow. But, I wrote ‘Hello world’ program in python just two weeks back. And completed reading like 100 pages of ‘Head first python’. So, I started searching on web and got to know about some thing called GraphAPI. After spending like 5 to 6 hours, I wrote that 10 lines of code (in a perfectly working condition) and tested it.

You can say, dude why don’t you use that already written code found on quora. Basically all those codes are old. I mean those are the codes written before releasing GraphAPI by facebook. With that thing¬†for facebook developers, one can reduce their code to 10 lines (yeah, you look their) from 40 to 50 lines of code which I have found on Quora.

That is not the best way to reach our goal (like commenting on last ‘x’ number of posts on my wall) but, that is what I can learn in that span of time.